Health, Safety & Environment Policy

We have a fundamental responsibility and commitment to ensure that all our employees work in a healthy and safe environment, especially when operating in a condition that is technically and environmentally challenging. A persistent health and safety approach are fundamental to the well-being and protection of our employees. The management is ultimately responsible for fostering a safe work culture within the employees as well as ensuring a safe work environment at all times. Therefore, besides abiding to Soletanche Freyssinet Group - HSE Common Rules and Safety Technical Standards, as a local business entity we are also legally bound to follow the strict rules and regulations of Malaysia's Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 as a regulated industry's best practices.

Health and Safety

Managing Health and Safety on our sites is a NON-NEGOTIABLE OBJECTIVE within our company. This is our first duty to all our employees.


Our commitment in protecting the environment comes in the role we play in the selection of processes and materials used. Protecting the environment on the level of our activities represents a series of simple and cost-effective actions.

  • Minimizing the materials used by making better use of our technologies.
  • Reducing transportation of materials, equipment and staff through better planning.
  • Incorporating the need and consideration of environment in our design works.
  • Taking daily action to ensure that our performed tasks are less polluting and use the minimum of resources.



Each individual in his or her role, must follow the procedure in the HSE plan with an open mind in relations to progress and transparency. This commitment is in the interest of our employees, our customers, and our shareholders because it contributes the good of the nation.


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