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Jambatan Wawasan Putrajaya

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Steven Fabre

1st Penang Bridge

Freyssinet PSC (M) Sdn Bhd has always believed that the progress of a nation is measured by the ability of its people to adopt new ideas and to continuously improve themselves with new products and innovations. Consonant with this ideology is the Freyssinet Stay Cable, a new and better way of doing things with stay cables and one which Freyssinet PSC (M) Sdn Bhd is proud to have introduced into Malaysia.

From the characteristics of the stay itself (offering an innovative, multi-layer corrosion resistant protection system that conforms to the extremely stringent Freyssinet Design and Specifications) to the installation of the stays using the patented Freyssinet 'Isotension' system, the Freyssinet Stay Cable represents nothing less than 'state of the art' technology.


The Iso-Tension system allows for the perfect control and induction of the tensile forces in all the cables, to the very high degree of accuracy required by the exacting design of stay cable bridges. At the heart of the Isotension system is the ISO Control Box (pictured on the right), a patented microprocessor controlled device designed and manufactured by Freyssinet.


Gallery 01


Gallery 01


Freyssinet Stay Cable System was used for the following projects in Malaysia :

  • The Replacement Of The Stay Cables For The 1st Penang Bridge
  • Jambatan Wawasan Bridge BR9, Putrajaya
  • Phase II Water Intake Bridge, Sg.Terip Water Treatment Project
  • Bridge Over Sungai Prai, Butterworth Outer Ring Road Project
  • Bridge Over Sungai Muar, Muar Bypass Road Project


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