Freyssinet PSC (M) Sdn Bhd also undertake Repair Works including;

Repair or Strengthening of Silos, Reservoirs and Other Structures with the Application of External Post-Tensioning
This repair/strengthening method expands on Freyssinet PSC’s expertise in the field of pre-stressing. Post-Tensioning processes and materials are used, including materials specially adapted to circular structures.
Carbon Fibre (TFC)© Application
The application of TFC® is a patented process of structural strengthening by bonding additional carbon fibre-based fabric to the structure or structural part to be strengthened.The process developed by a partnership of LCPC, ATOFINDLEY, SOFICAR and FREYSSINET calls for the application of a carbon fibre reinforced composite fabric at cold temperatures onto the substrate, to balance by bond the tensile stresses induced in the section.
Grout / Epoxies Injection
Pressurised injection of cementitious grouts or epoxies for the strengthening, repair or assembly of structures or structural members.
Tendon Truncation For The Repair Or Refurbishment Of Existing Structures

Freyssinet PSC’s services are available when pre-stressed tendons in the slabwork of existing buildings have to be located, truncated (cut) and re-anchored before openings are made in such slabs. This can be when such openings are required for the purpose of repairs to the structure or a refurbishment of the building with usage changes.

Jacking of Bridges (Or Other Structures For The Replacement Of Bearings)

Our company deals in the full range of Freyssinet’s ‘Tetron CD’ mechanical pot bearings and Elastomeric Bearings. In addition to new installations, our services are also available when the bearings have to be installed in an existing bridge or structure due to engineering considerations or, to replace some other bearing that is due for replacement.